GSTA Equity Committee Book Winners 2021

The winners of the 2021 GSTA Equity Committee Book Bundle Draws are:
K-3: Angela Morgan (Miller)

        Christa Schmelinsky (Dr. Brass)
Gr 4-6: Madison Shivak-Langford (Macdonald)
            Terri Parsons ( Esterhazy)
Gr 7-9: Tara Romanchuk (Sturgis Comp)
             Sarah Greensides (YRHS)
Gr 10-12: Amber Moore (MCS)
                Fallon Prince (LCS)
PD:  Sarah Onslow (Springside)
       Kelsey Shields (PJG)
        Chantel Kitchen (DrBrass)
        Tyler Lorenzo (KCI)
         Richelle Matthews (MCS)
         Eryn Yeske (YRHS)
        Sarah Christie-Petrovich (Columbia)
        Wendy Shabatoski (KCI)
        Danielle Schmidt (YRHS)
        Cheng Teh (Inv)
The lists of the books in each bundle can be found by clicking the links below:

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