STF Councillors

From Left to Right: Christa Schmelinsky, Karen Hovind, Elora Lake, Stuart Wilson, Lisa Dyck, Kim Merriam, Lori Betge (Missing: Julie Parisloff)

For specific school assignments for each councillor, please visit Who We Are

Councillors are elected at the AGM and serve a two-year term. The number of councillors in each local is determined by the number of teachers in a local (full and part-time). Currently GSTA has 8 councillors (7 elected plus the GSTA President).

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Each councillor shall represent the membership of the local and act on behalf of the local in establishing bylaws, policies, priorities and the budget of the Federation;
  • Elect the provincial executive;
  • Each councillor shall act as an agent of the Federation in supporting the implementation of its policies and directions;
  • Each councillor shall offer advice and guidance to a teacher or teachers requiring assistance in their professional duties or relationships;
  • STF Council typically meets twice per year.